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Tom Dwan, Aka “Durrrr” Is A Poker Pro Who Started Playing At The Age Of 17. He Began With A $50 Deposit And He Has Since Turned It Into An Incredible Amount.

Dwan Is A Huge Player On Full Tilt Poker And Is Known For His Aggressive Play. He Is Also Famous For His Bluffs And Unorthodox Plays.


Born In 1986 In New Jersey, Tom Dwan Is An American Poker Player Who Has Become One Of The World’s Most Recognizable Poker Players. He Is Best Known For His Hyper-Aggressive Style Of Play And For Crushing The Highest Stakes Of Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em And Pot Limit Omaha Cash Games.

His Poker Career Started When He Received $50 From His Father For His 17th Birthday And Began Playing Online Poker With It. He Began By Playing Sit-And-Go Tournaments And Quickly Moved To Multi-Table Cash Games. After Four Months, He Had Turned His Initial $50 Investment Into $15,000.

Dwan Has Played In Some Of The Biggest Live Poker Events In The World, Including The World Series Of Poker. He Has Also Competed In A Number Of Online Poker Tournaments, Winning Millions Of Dollars. He Has Also Made Many Television Appearances, Appearing On Shows Such As High Stakes Poker And Poker After Dark.

As A Result Of His Popularity, Dwan Was Invited To Join Full Tilt Poker, A Major Online Poker Site. He Became The Recognizable Face Of The Company, Earning Millions Of Dollars From His Success Online.

In The Early 2010’S, Dwan Launched A Challenge Called The “Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge” Where He Would 4-Table Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Or Pot Limit Omaha Against Any Opponent Willing To Pony Up The Cash In A 50,000 Hand Match. This Was A Huge Hit For Full Tilt Poker And Helped Boost Its Name Recognition.

However, He Later Suffered A Career Downswing After Losing Millions Of Dollars At The Hands Of Phil Ivey And Viktor Blum. He Was Also Forced To Drop Out Of Boston University In Order To Focus On His Poker Career.

After He Dropped Out Of School, Dwan Began To Make Money Playing Poker On Full Tilt Poker And Other Online Poker Sites. He Had A Reputation For Beating High-Stakes Opponents, And Many Feared That He Was A Potential Threat To The Poker World.

Dwan Is Considered A Master Of Aggressive Poker And Has Earned The Nickname “Durrrr” For His Reckless Play. He Is Famous For His Bluffs And Is Capable Of Executing Multiple Plays At The Same Time.

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Tom Dwan Started Playing Poker At The Age Of 17. He Got $50 From His Father And Deposited It On Paradise Poker, One Of The First Online Poker Sites. He Was A Very Young Kid At The Time, But He Used His Natural Talent To Make A Killing In The Early Days Of Online Poker.

Dwan Had A Very Unique Way Of Thinking About Poker. He Believed That If You Play Mind Games, You Can Win. He Also Thought That If You Can Be Aggressive, You Can Win. He Had The Ability To Beat Players At Low-Stakes Sit-And-Go Tournaments, Which Most People Don’t Even Know How To Play.

His Talent Was So Good That He Began Playing High-Stakes Cash Games And Eventually Became A World-Famous Player. He Has Won Over A Million Dollars In The Game And He Still Plays Regularly. He’s Also An Ambassador For Triton Poker And A Member Of The Team At PokerKing Asia.

He Is A Very Successful Online Player, And He Is Often Compared To Phil Ivey Or Daniel Negreanu. He Is Considered A Legend Of The Poker Community And Has Won Multiple World Titles. He Was Also A Star On TV Shows Like High Stakes Poker And Poker After Dark.

During His First Year Of Playing Poker, He Won $15,000 In Total, Which Was A Lot For Him At The Time. This Made Him Feel Very Accomplished And Motivated To Keep On Playing.

After A Few Months, He Won Another $15,000, And That Helped Him To Build Up A Nice Bankroll. In 2006, He Won Another $15,000 And That Made Him A Very Wealthy Man. He Was Able To Buy A Brand-New Car, Which He Still Uses.

Dwan Became Famous As A Result Of His Many Epic Pots Against Some Of The Biggest Names In The Game. He Won A Number Of Big Pots Against Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu And Doyle Brunson. He Also Won A Large Amount Of Money Against Daniel Cates In His Famous Durrrr Challenge.

He Was The First Poker Player To Win A Million Dollars In An Online Cash Game And He Was The Only Player To Ever Win A Million Dollars In A Live Tournament. He Was Also The Only Player To Have Won A Poker Tournament Before He Turned 19 Years Old.

Tom Dwan Achievement

Tom Dwan Is A Poker Player Who Has Won Millions Of Dollars In Online Cash Games. He Began Playing Poker At The Age Of 17 And Quickly Became A Household Name In The Online Poker Community. He Dominated The High Stakes Cash Game Scene On Sites Like Full Tilt Poker And PokerStars, Which Made Him One Of The Best Players In The World.

In 2010, Dwan Was Close To Winning His First World Series Of Poker Bracelet, But He Was Defeated By Simon Watts In A $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Event. While Dwan Won The Second-Place Prize Of $381,885, He Missed Out On Millions Of Dollars In Prizes That Could Have Helped Him To Win A Bracelet.

When Dwan First Started Playing Online Poker, He Had Just $50 In His Bankroll. However, He Quickly Grew His Bankroll To Millions Of Dollars And Eventually Became A Sponsored Professional At The Now-Defunct Full Tilt Poker Site.

He Began Playing Heads-Up Cash Games In No-Limit Hold’em And Pot-Limit Omaha, Which Is A High Stakes Version Of Poker. He Was Known For His Crazy Style Of Play And His Ability To Win Large Amounts Of Money Quickly.

Dwan Also Won Big At Live Tournaments, Making Final Tables In Some Of The Biggest Events In The World. He Has Earned A Total Of $2 Million In Tournament Winnings, And He Is One Of The Top Poker Players In The World.

Since 2010 Dwan Has Remained Active In The Poker World, Appearing On High-Stakes Cash Games On Shows Like Hustler Live And Poker After Dark. He Has Also Become A Brand Ambassador For Paul Phua’s Triton Series, Which Has Made Him A Popular Figure In The Poker Community.

Before The 2010 WSOP, Dwan Had Lost Millions Of Dollars At The Poker Table Without Batting An Eyelid. His Ability To Take Risks And Lose Huge Sums Of Money At A Single Game Was A Key Factor In His Success.

In 2010, Dwan Offered A Bet That He Would Win A WSOP Bracelet. He Was Willing To Pay 3.25 To 1 Odds, And He Was Able To Get A Number Of Pros To Bet With Him. Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, And Mike Matusow Were Among Those Who Took The Offer.

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Tom Dwan Net Worth

Tom Dwan Is A Professional Poker Player Known For His Reckless Play. He Is One Of The Few Pros Who Is Comfortable Losing Millions At A Single Game.

Tom Started Playing Online Poker At The Age Of Seventeen And Quickly Made A Lot Of Money. His First Game Was With A Bankroll Of $50 And He Soon Increased That Amount To Over $10 Million. He Has Since Played In Several Tournaments And Cash Games To Add More To His Net Worth.

The Main Sources Of His Net Worth Are His Online Games, Live Cash Games, And Televised Poker. He Also Donates A Portion Of His Earnings To Charity.

In The Early Years Of His Career, Tom Dwan Has Experienced Some Financial Difficulties. He Lost A Large Amount Of Money In 2009 And His Winnings Were Only Recouped By The End Of 2010.

Although His Losses Had Contributed To A Substantial Decrease In His Net Worth, He Managed To Recover His Losses And Make Up For Them In 2010 And 2011. In Addition, Dwan Has Earned More Than $2.6 Million From Live Tournaments And Cash Games Throughout His Career.

He Is A Very Generous Person And Often Gifts His Family Members With Expensive Items. For Example, He Bought His Mother A New SUV And Paid Her Gas For A Year. He Also Gave His Best Friend $1,000 To Gamble With On A Trip To Las Vegas.

His Wife, Bianca Rossi, Has A Net Worth Of $1 Million. However, She Stays Very Private About Their Relationship. It’s Not Clear If The Two Have Split Or Are Just Maintaining Their Privacy.

The Main Reason Why Tom Dwan Has A Huge Net Worth Is Because Of His Poker Career. He Has Won Many High-Stakes Tournaments And Cash Games Over The Years.

While He Has Suffered Some Financial Losses In His Career, He Has Always Come Back Stronger And More Determined To Win. He Knows That Losing A Significant Amount Of Money Is Normal In The World Of Poker, But He Can Still Manage To Get His Money Back.